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Getting Fitt…

We all know we shouldn’t be fat. We shouldn’t be inactive either. Inactive is just another way to say lazy and quite frankly I find that offensive since it often describes my day. We all know we should incorporate a small fraction of exercise in our daily routines and eat Brussel sprouts and carrots sticks on a daily basis. (Yeah that’s making my mouth water.) But the truth is…what I know and what I do? Two different things. You too? Of course they are! And if they’re not, then leave my page now. Go on, get out.

Now, I should be left with those of you who struggle. Like me. Misery loves company they say, so welcome.

True Confession. I love potato chips and sugared pecans and scones and anything with heavy cream and butter and well…ya know, anything that makes my taste buds get excited for more. To be clear, my taste buds don’t always jump up and down for healthy foods. I love to drink coffee with Italian Sweet Cream and I like to snack. A lot. Mostly in front of the television. At night. When it’s dark. Now couple that with sitting on my butt most of the day writing. And then add in a family history of heart disease and the sting of hitting the big Five-O this year. I’m a disaster, right? Not so fast.

I think the trick is finding the right meal plan that works for you. I’m a big fan of weight watchers but ultimately any diet will work for you if you do what it takes. But there are things I will not compromise. Taste.  I don’t do, lowfat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar items. So, if a recipe calls for “reduced fat cheese” which I think tastes like plastic, I replace it with the good stuff. Portion control is a must. Plus, I’m not so thrilled about putting man-made food substitutes in my body.

Now, everyone has a right to choose what works for them. I think part of the problem with dieting is the awful withdrawal phase and the meal planning. In the days of processed foods, we don’t stand a chance. It’s way too tempting to walk into your local grocery and pick up a hot meal. Or order one from the many apps on your phone. So, you get out of it, what you put in.

Let me also point out that food does not taste the same. At all. In fact, as an example, watermelon. My passion for this warm weather favorite has waned. I mean, when I was a kid growing up in New York, summertime was the holy grail of childhood. Outside from morning til night, my mom would treat our family and most of the neighborhood kids to watermelon. Remember those huge watermelons loaded with those annoying black seeds? So succulent and sweet. In later years we scooped them out and filled with liquor but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, the taste was lick your fingers good and I couldn’t get enough. Now I cut one open and it’s like a stalk of celery took a crap inside. It’s tasteless! Have our taste buds been reprogrammed to crave only processed, overly salted, overly sugared foods? I fear the answer is, “uh-huh.”

However, I’m not saying our food isn’t growing at much more rapid pace. It is. There’s quite a few Frankenstein foods out there lurking. As well as meat. Veggies. Etc. I gotta say, a trip to the grocery is like a test in endurance. Yeah that’s it. Endurance shopping.

This brings me to the point of my new journey in “getting healthy.” I chose Fittsticks. Don’t get excited. I’m still in the testing stage. I just started but wanted to take you along for the ride. Do you wanna come along?  Hope so.

Okay. Here we go…..Day One.

6:15am – Coffee!! Fully loaded. (No compromise there or you can keep it)

7:45am – I strapped on my fitbit and walked. Yeah that’s right. I started to walk with this diet. Why? Cause I always say, “Wow. I lost weight on this diet. I only wish I woulda added in some exercise and I woulda lost a whole lot more.” So…we’ll see. (about 3 miles = 40 minute walk)

Water. Water. Water. By 9:30am, my eyeballs were floating.

9:30am – I opened my first fittstick (a little single serve packet of a crystal-lite like substance.) I added 4 oz of water and chugged. Tasted pretty good too. (I can do this!) And then I waited for the magic. And not much happened. What happened to my magical energy boost? My appetite crusher? Whaaa???? I  had plans to clean my house within an hour while doing zumba and throwing a few weights around. Maybe I’m expecting too much? Oh boy, it was actually getting harder. Gotta keep going, can’t stop now. (after all, its only been 20 minutes) Gotta start thinking about breakfast.

10am – Ahhhhh….breakfast. That’s a magical word, ain’t it. So, I’m a big fan of cooking spray. Don’t look at brands so much. Cheapest works best for me. I don’t stand on ceremony when it comes to cooking spray. I don’t care for the butter flavored either but found a really neat new way to use it. So, here’s what I ate:

Here’s how I made it. Non stick pan coated with original cooking spray. Cracked two eggs and cooked until over easy. Toasted one piece of whole wheat bread and sprayed the bread with the butter flavored spray. What a clever girl I am. I added one shake of salt (although I wanted 10 shakes) and a couple shakes of pepper. Added a dollop of salsa and one non-fat greek yogurt. Now, i said I don’t like no fat, low fat stuff but greek yogurt? It’s not like it tastes that great to begin with so…there ya go. And wala…breakfast.

Water. Water. Water

12pm – Snack time. I have to set my alarm to make sure I don’t forget. So, when I hear Pitbull singing “fireball” I run to the kitchen. This was my snack. 20170106_120901I didn’t really measure the tablespoon of natural peanut butter. I just filled my celery stick nice and even like. (that’s the OCD in me. Ha!)

Water. Water. Water. I’m floating again. (also, decided not to flush every time. why waste the water…it’s just me home anyway so I was daring.)

1:30pm – I down another fittstick hoping for a better result. And wait. Meh—still nada. I patiently wait until lunch.

Water. Water. Water. (This time I flush)

2pm – LUNCH TIME! Why I was so excited, I have no idea. It’s not like I was starving. (like I usually am.) Wait. Could this be working? Hmmm. Here’s lunch.

I spread 1/4 avacodo on a whole wheat wrap. A few spinach leaves, a couple slices of turkey (3 oz) sliced tomato and some slices of red onion. 10 minutes later, I was a happy camper.

Water. Water. Water

4pm – Good thing my alarm is set to remind me to eat. I almost forgot. Grabbed a handful of these. And ya know what. They ain’t sugared pecans! Bummer. 20170106_155418

This snack was enough to keep me in check while I prepared dinner for my family. They ate meatloaf, green beans and potato while I ate this:

6pm – Spinach salad with 1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese, red onion, hard boiled egg, 4 oz chicken breast, red onion and slivered almonds. I wanted to slather this masterpiece with creamy dressing but was able to make my hands dump red vinegar and oil in the bowl instead. And while the smells of goodness wafted under my nose I happily ate my concoction of healthiness.

So, day One is done. I drank water for the rest of the night. My craving for late night snacking wasn’t as hard to resist as I thought. The detox is tough but after speaking to people who are on Fitt, it seems to be the norm with the good part still awaiting me. I’ll keep ya posted.